Animal Health Center of Marion Co. Inc.

119 South Coble Street
Marion, KS 66861



Lori Tajchman is our assistant, groomer, and inventory manager.  She has raised numerous orphan puppies and kittens, and knows which bottle and nipple to use on newborns!  She really enjoys assisting on c-sections, and is great getting puppies started.  She has over 10 years of grooming experience, and is now grooming in both clinics for us.  Lori also helps find homes for dogs in need of one, and has worked with Caring Hands Humane Society over the years.

Steph Andres graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science.  Steph started working for us in high school.  You will commonly see Steph assist Dr. Erwin.  Steph trail rides on the weekends and lives near Burdick, while her goats are still near Marion as are her parents.

Sarah Smith has also worked for us since high school.  She helps out in many areas of the clinic, and commonly assists Dr. Laurin.  Sarah has three great boys. Sarah and her husband Justin currently live in Marion, but spend much time at both parents' farms.  Sarah and the kids enjoy raising pigs and calves for 4-H projects as well as riding horses.

Robin Pritz is our newest addition.  Robin is our receptionist.  Robin lives on her farm near Lost Springs, and is enjoying raising her daughter Kacy, her cattle and her three dogs.  Robin has helped us set up the new website, our on-line pharmacy, and our account on petfinder.
Barbara Tajchman has been with the clinic since 2002.  For many years you knew her from working at the reception desk.  She continues her bookkeeping and accounting duties and you can still see her working at the reception desk from time to time.  She is now part-time retired which lets her spend more time with her two cats Ruby and Boots and her husband Joe.